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This site is made by, and for, lovers of sexy feet with long toes. Here you will find some of the world's most beautiful feet, all with amazing long toes belonging to our exquisite and sensuous models. Katherina, Kamila, Sara, Sylvia, Karolina, Alicia, Julia, Noemi, Agna, Mona, Natalia, Kasia, Marta and many more, are ready for you to start worshipping their magnificent feet today. Click on the images below for free high resolution sample pictures, and we think you'll agree that our members have access to the web's very best collection of long female foot and toe pictures and video.

You will be amazed at the dexterity, flexibility and control that our models have of their feet and toes. As they flex, scrunch and spread their incredibly long toes, imagine yourself right with their long succulent soles...
We have photos and videos of interest to everyone's taste - nylons, socks, shoes of all types - and of course, beautiful bare feet. Whether you enjoy female feet clean, sweaty or dirty, we have photos and videos that are perfect just for you. Members are encouraged to share their fantasies and request their favorite models to pose in ways the member(s) would like to see.
All photos and videos are the creation of an artist who loves extremely long female toes and feet. He prefers foot size over 40 EU (8 US). His favourite model is Katherina - the queen of long toes. She is a very shy girl, amateur who once in a while shows us her treasure - beautiful and delicate feet with perfect, extremely long toes. She has very narrow and long feet, size 42EU - 27 cm. Pictures are usually 1600 pixels long, they are of very high quality - exactly how they were taken to picture those perfect feet as they really are. Videos have high resolution of 512x384 or 512x290, very high quality 1000 KB/s.
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